My top ten Canon of texts

The ten best texts that i believe are truly great are:

  • 10. Rowan of Rin (book series) – by Emily Rodda                                                           This book series was a childhood favorite of mine as it encompassed Rowan and his fellow friends to go on a quest. The book may seem like a children’s book from the outside but on the inside it uses advanced language and cleverly written mystery.
  • 9. Take Five (song) – by Dave Brubeck                                                                                             This song has a good load of jazz in it and has a good rhythm.
  • 8. Ace Ventura: Pet detective                                                                                                                Simply great boy humor.
  • 7.The Godfather                                                                                                                                        This movie really appealed to me and showed a good bit of history while the acting stayed top notch professional.
  • 6. The Hurt Locker                                                                                                                                   This movie was engaging and kept me on the edge of my seat while it kept the story line real.
  • 5. Don’t look now were being shot at (movie)                                                                                Very good movie about British men who land in France in WW2 after their plane was shot down by the Nazi’s. It is both very funny and serious as it touches the lives of some simple french folk who help the British escape.
  • 4.The Terminator                                                                                                                                     Advanced story line, great acting and a movie that most generations of people can follow. This movie also has some of the most famous movie lines.
  • 3.The Fast and the Furious                                                                                                                    The story line and the action in the movie is fantastic, is has created a legacy and is a very popular movie series. I find the acting was great and content is appealing to my generation.
  • 2.Art, a visual history – by Robert Cumming                                                                                 This book is extremely well written and has the best use of language in art, it goes over all the art periods and artists in a fascinating way, it’s absolutely fantastic!
  • 1. The French National anthem (La Marseillaise)                                                                         This anthem is the best in the world to me, not only because i’m part French, but also because of the amount of power that resonates from the very words. The people are so passionate when they sing it and it was formed from the French revolution. The anthem talks about the citizens of France rising up and killing those of impure blood, and slaughtering the animals (enemies) without pity. You can’t have anymore passion than that; am i right?

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