Sophie’s World

Two Philosophies in the book Sophie’s World that intrigued me were:

Is there such a thing as natural modesty? – page 51                                                                                     I believe that this philosophy is a bizarre, yet intricate question. Modesty is the quality of being unassuming in your own abilities, however i think that most human beings are born without modesty, as they can be arrogant, obnoxious and over-confident. I believe that there is no such thing as natural modesty, because being modest is a thing that is learn’t, not given.

What came first-the chicken or the ‘idea’ chicken? – page 83                                                                     This philosophy immediately draws me in, not only because it derives from a well know saying, but it expresses that a chicken had an idea to make an egg, so in some ways it is a self answering question. I believe that the chicken is a commonly downgraded animal, which people might have never thought was smart, so this question is almost telling us that because the chicken had an idea, it is smart; what do you think?


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