How do we get from “The garden of Eden” to modern representations of women? Culturally, through our values and through texts?

The famous story of Eve and many other well-known texts such as Pretty Woman, Interstellar, The Social Network, etc. are all sexist towards women. These texts give society, specifically men, a reason why they should restrain and restrict the “social, sexual, religious, political, and economic freedom of women.” –

Some men hold on strongly to the sexist “garden of Eden” story and blame women for the problems that humans have. The Modern representation of women is that they are:

  • office workers
  • only fit to have children and stay at home
  • only able to listen to what their husband tells them and do as told
  • spending lots of their husbands money on women’s accessories

All of the above representations of a modern woman can be seen if you simply type ‘modern women’ into google images. Our modern society lives of old, decrepit sources such as “The garden of Eden”, which are purely sexist towards women. Our cultural values need to change; our society is living of outdated ideologies that are based off sexist texts, so I say time for equality, our foundation shouldn’t be built on discrimination against women.

By Lorenzo


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