Extension English Assignment Preparation, for the Romantic context (1800 – 1850).

I believe that if I can find decent texts from the Romantic period (1800-1850), and explore the text within the texts (books, paintings, poems etc.) that I choose, I would be capable enough to create a well-structured teaching on the Romantic period. I hope to achieve an understanding of the culture and values that the people of the Romantic period had during my speech/presentation.

The direction I wish to take for my task is to have a selection of great texts which are strongly related to the Romantic context. I wish to back the texts up and expand the meaning and culture behind them. The task I have been allocated for the Romantic context is what I was after, and I believe that I will have a hard challenge for expanding the Romantic context out and creating a solid understanding of the topic.

I also aim to show the philosophies and values of the people of that time, expressed through sophisticated language, whilst having a clear understanding of the texts.

My main goal for the presentation task is to have everyone in the room end up with an enhanced understanding of Romantic period, whilst staying engaged.


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