Heart of Darkness

My personal reaction to Heart of Darkness is that the very strange story-line seems like a mismatch as the character at the start is  writing about the story of another mans adventures in the Congo. This story within a story had a few intense moments that drew me in, such as when the fog rolled in to the boat and the native tribe attacked, then they only flew when the boat blew its horn. As a reader i felt what the European people were doing in the Congo was incredibly wrong and their disturbance in the jungle brought many vile acts of cruelty to the land.

The main part that separated me from the book was that what happened was such a long time ago, this alienated me a small amount. The  enduring relevance of Heart of Darkness is that it was set in 1899, so the slave trade and European people’s brutality towards the native tribes in Africa was as real as it can get. Despite being more than a century ago there is still a continuing famine, conflict and mistreatment of humans in Africa today.


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