What new perspectives does this lecture offer on the novel? How does it challenge your own reading of the text? How does it confirm it?

The lecture brings up common cartoon shows such as the “Simpsons” and “Curious George”, and puts a dark spin on them, bringing up probable theories on their content. the lecture puts forward the notion that the monkey is no monkey, he is an African slave who has been brought to America and westernized by his master the colonist in the yellow uniform. The article brings up  another dark notion that the very ‘child friendly’ cartoon show the Simpsons is racially discriminate towards African Americans, by calling them the “n word”, in an attempt to demoralize them, suggesting that they are a lower class field worker, as that is where the “n word” originated.

These new revelations to the text “Heart of Darkness” encourage enlightened thinking when reading the text individually, thinking more about the effects of the European imperialists on Africa. The lecture confirms my thoughts on the colonists as i believe that the imperialists damaged Africa very harshly and they are still trying to recover today. The Europeans who went into Africa had the goal of to Christianize the natives, bringing in western medicine and ‘rescuing the natives’. The effect of the Europeans on Africa was dramatic, they brought in disease, foreign ideologies, slavery and much more. Heart of Darkness explores the life of a European colonist in the Congo, with the bias of the writer, making the natives out to be savages, when they are only trying to survive in their native lands.


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