What are your impressions of the film? How does Coppola extend upon the ideas raised by Conrad? Discuss the film techniques as a part of your response.

Apocalypse Now is a dark film appropriated on the book Heart of Darkness. The similarity between the two is that Heart of Darkness is based in the Congo jungle, where the protagonist goes to rescue a mentally unstable man who was heavily liked before going into the jungle. The Apocalypse Now is based in the Vietnam Jungle, where the protagonist goes to rescue a mentally unstable man who was heavily awarded before going into the jungle.

Coppola extends on Conrad’s ideas by replicating the story and appropriation it into a modern setting, exploring the idea of how destructive white people are on indigenous populations. The beginning of the movie has the overlapping of bombs and napalm going off as well as the blades of helicopters turning, this indicates straight away that there is internal conflict going on in the movie, hinting that there is some sort of mental breakdown. The dramatic jump cut from the loud helicopters blaring music to the peaceful village square, this may be interpreted as Americans being loud and destructive as well as the peacefulness and innocence of the local Vietnamese villagers. Over the next section in the attack on the village the camera angles from many points of view including the jungle, aerial shots, and close ups with the soldiers show a range of perspectives, constantly changing the viewers perspective on the conflict.


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