How does Jarry’s context come through the play? What is his reflecting? What is he challenging?

Jarry’s King Ubu was made at the end of the 1800’s, he has expressed his frustration through the play as a way to display the crude things that had and were happening in the world at the time.  The play is a grotesque parody of Macbeth showing the dark side of the character Macbeth who slaughters anyone he doesn’t like, this could be a take on the Europeans invading Africa and killing anyone who wouldn’t be subdued into their ruling.

His play challenges the beliefs and structured society of the ‘civilized’ European people, by showing them the unseen side of history. As we know that history is written by the winners, but Jarry challenges this by writing a play displaying the cruelty of what a ‘winner’ does to get to power.


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